Live Podcast Show Promotion Or Advertising Flyer Template

Live Podcast Show Promotion Or Advertising Flyer Template

Live Podcast Show Promotion Or Advertising Flyer Template is a print flyer template. This is a promotion podcast template meant to advertise a show Рincluding live shows by the way Рa channel,  a broadcast or even a video depending on needs. This is a classy style flyer dedicated to digital goods in a general way. It can be used for YouTube , Patreon, or other purposes, as long as it has to do with vocal , sound or video contents, for professional or amateur purposes. With very little editing , its use can also be extended to free mic music programme or special event 

This item , also called “Podcast Show Flyer”, is an artwork which can be used to promote a punctual special event, a radio show , a concert , a dj mix session or a themed evening, or anything having to do with sound, radio, live show and podcast

All the elements of this flyer are arranged on separate layers and are included

  • Squared design – 5.83×5.83 inches or roughly 15×15 cm
  • 300 Dpi / CMYK / Print Ready
  • Fully layered, organized and named. Easy to edit
  • Adaptable as both a CD cover or a Nightclub Flyer

Used fonts
Phosphate inline

Bebas Neue

Microsoft Sans


Download the CD / flyer template here

If you have any trouble editing something, please feel free to contact me, i will do my best to help you in the best delays

Once you purchase the design, i may customize it for you, please contact me to know more about the potential additional cost

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